“I visited the Kexby clinic for a Tuina massage when my daughter was a baby.  Malcolm offered to come to my home but I felt I needed to get out of the house, plus I hoped the baby would fall asleep in the car so I could enjoy my treatment in peace!  I was completely exhausted from lack of sleep and also having a toddler to run around after and had started to feel quite run down and was picking up a lot of colds, mouth ulcers and so on.  I was also having some other health problems with my stomach that I was quite worried about at the time.  Malcolm’s clinic is a really clear, calm space with no distractions, in contrast to a life that felt very cluttered so I found just being there to be a healing experience in itself.  As Malcolm has two young children himself he really understands what you need at that time and I found him to be very empathic. The best way I can describe the Tuina treatment was like having my aura brushed with a very soft brush!  You just sit comfortably and Malcolm does all the work!  My daughter woke part way through but we were able to complete the treatment while I breastfed her. Afterwards I felt better than I had felt in months, all those sort of jittery feelings you get when you don’t get enough sleep were smoothed out of existence and I felt really refreshed.  Over the following days I also noticed my digestion was much improved and I felt more refreshed after shorter amounts of sleep.  I’d really recommend this treatment to new mums.”

Alison x

“I’d had pain and restricted movement in both thumbs. I guess it was a bit like the early onset of arthritis. Malcolm treated me with acupuncture and I’ve had no bother with them ever since.”

Joan W.

“Malcolm gave me  Tui Na for my bad back after I’d done five hours gardening. I think I’d overdone it and could hardly move. After just one treatment I was more mobile and the pain had almost gone. Fantastic, I’d definitely recommend it!”

Neil I.

“Malcolm’s support and treatment during my second pregnancy was invaluable. If it hadn’t been for him not only would I have probably had to be induced due to hypertension (high blood pressure), but his pain relief techniques really helped in labour too.”

Julie W.

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